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Sports Jeux Action Sports
Développeur hideyuki kubo

The backdrop of vast Mount Fuji, lets enjoy the Japanese archery?

1 This App is free version of the "Yumikami_JapaneseArchery".
2 Starting from the "visitor" , there is 23 stages .
3 which are selectively used or change, Depending on the stage.
 ・Target of "near," "far" and “fixation", "move"
 ・There are five bow in the difference of intensity(Membership fee [charged] is required to enter the shop)
 ・The number of available arrows, ten, twenty, thirty
4 Will change accuracy hitting the target by experience and physical strength.
5 If you clear goal scoring of each stage proceed to the next stage.
6 You can play a one-on-one game with friends and people around the world through fighting function.
7 If you win three consecutive times in a match game(Net battle only) you will be promoted up Stage as a bonus. But, if you lose three consecutive times you demote Stage.
8 Please aim at the highest ranking "bow god", please shoot the bow comfortably.

Come on, please challenge by increasing the concentration.